Travel Bags

We offer all types of travel bags, from the basic rucksack to the sophisticated, multi-function business type bags. These bags come in all types, shapes, colors, styles and designs. Accordingly, we wish to meet the demands of as many shoppers as possible.


Always on the lookout for the newest, most trendy travel, business, school, hiking and sports bags, we are constantly searching the markets, both domestic and foreign to bring our customers a wide selection to choose from.


Furthermore, we look for quality bags made from high-standard, durable materials with great looks, and we are constantly partnering with more and more suppliers to bring you an even more varied selection of fine, high-quality bags, whether they are to be used for everyday business, school, travel, hiking or just as a stylish accompaniment to your favorite t-shirt & jeans.


Most of the bags we offer are feature rich, offering:

  • Roomy main compartments
  • Multiple internal compartments
  • Zippered & drawstring type closures
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Form fitting designs for added comfort
  • Openings for earplugs
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • External holders for water bottles
  • Easy access pockets for mobile phones
  • Hooks for hanging sunglasses
  • and more…


Some of the bags we offer are constructed completely of leather. Others are constructed of tightly woven mesh oxford materials, which provide excellent water proofing. In addition, some have internal frames and external frames for better weight bearing properties and distribution.


What’s more, we try very hard to deliver the best quality bags possible at the lowest prices possible. That said, we can not guarantee that a very low priced bag is going to be the best quality bag out there, but it will be good quality for the price paid to obtain it.

In conclusion, you will find that the bags we offer will match the asking price quite accurately in most, if not all cases.

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